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muvi Cinemas is the first home-grown cinema brand and the market leader in terms of screen count in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Established in 2019 with headquarters in Riyadh, it is owned and operated by muvi Cinemas Co. muvi continues its expansion plan in the upcoming years across the kingdom offering state-of-the-art technology, diverse and immersive experiences combined with unlimited options from our delicious menu to give moviegoers complete and exceptional cinema experience.

The snow city “Snow City” attracted hundreds of men, women and children, who for the first time enjoyed the unfamiliar experience of having fun on the snow in Saudi Arabia.

Although the residents of the Saudi Arabia are accustomed in the summer to high temperatures that touch 45 degrees Celsius, they are increasingly turning to the snowy city that the Kingdom is witnessing for the first time, where temperatures drop to below three degrees below zero.

Cinepolis is the world’s fourth largest cinema chain, founded in Mexico in the city of Morelia, Michoacan in 1971. It occupies 5,371 screens out of 657 cinema complexes, and Cinepolis has a total capacity of more than 1.1 million seats worldwide.

With a rich heritage of innovation, Cinepolis is credited with many early adopters, such as pioneering the luxury theater experience and many soon-to-be-opened theaters in the GCC are now home to the same revolutionary technological and service developments that have made Cinépolis the ultimate destination for movie lovers worldwide.

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VOX Cinemas, the MENA region’s largest cinema operator, is honored to be awarded one of the first licenses to operate cinemas in Saudi Arabia. Its brand-new cinema, which will be the first multiplex in Saudi Arabia will open at Riyadh Park Mall. VOX Cinemas already started delivering on an ambitious plan to bring its world-class cinema entertainment portfolio to Saudi Arabia and support the growth of audio-visual and creative talent across the Kingdom.

Empire Cinemas is an inspiring creative company, constantly striving to set new standards for the cinema industry; In fact, Empire’s advantage lies in the ability to develop cinematic experiences into more audio-visual effects and dimensions that move the mind.