We consistently ensure that each  member of the EDSCO family behaves respectfully towards his or her surroundings, friends, customers, associates, and other contractors to guarantee that they all return home safely to their loved ones, starting with our rooted conviction and culture that “all accidents are preventable.”

We make sure that we live up to our belief by taking a proactive approach that includes preparation and trainings, rigorous policies, tracking, risk assessment, and implementation of carefully planned systemic improvement measures.

EDSCO maintains high levels of HSE standards that comply with internal needs but also with international norms because we work in a wide range of sectors and industries, including the very demanding Banking and Healthcare Sectors.

According to EDSCO, maintaining high standards of quality results in win-win situations for all project stakeholders: ‘we do it right the first time!’

EDSCO has been operating in different industries where a deep understanding of projects is a must, as a result, all quality issues revolve around the human element, that is why we invest in people to nurture their expertise by developing necessary skills to detect potential faults beforehand.

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