We consistently ensure that each  member of the EDSCO family behaves respectfully towards his or her surroundings, friends, customers, associates, and other contractors to guarantee that they all return home safely to their loved ones, starting with our rooted conviction and culture that “all accidents are preventable.”

We make sure that we live up to our belief by taking a proactive approach that includes preparation and trainings, rigorous policies, tracking, risk assessment, and implementation of carefully planned systemic improvement measures.

EDSCO maintains high levels of HSE standards that comply with internal needs but also with international norms because we work in a wide range of sectors and industries, including the very demanding Banking and Healthcare Sectors.

According to EDSCO, maintaining high standards of quality results in win-win situations for all project stakeholders: ‘we do it right the first time!’

EDSCO has been operating in different industries where a deep understanding of projects is a must, as a result, all quality issues revolve around the human element, that is why we invest in people to nurture their expertise by developing necessary skills to detect potential faults beforehand.

  • Environmental Policy
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Sustainability Policy
  • Quality Policy

Environmental Policy Statement

East Delta Saudi Co Ltd. recognizes the need to operate the business in a manner that reflects good environmental management. The Company is aware of the environmental impacts of its operations and will balance its business with the need to protect the local and global environment.

Our Environmental Policy shall earn the confidence of employees, shareholders, customers, and the general public by demonstrating our commitment to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and minimize pollution, resource use, and waste, where feasible, through the continual improvement of performance in all areas of the EDSCO Company.

The EDSCO Company has demonstrated a commitment to identify all activities that have the potential to cause an environmental impact, as well as providing adequate resources to help minimize or prevent any negative impact. In order to achieve this commitment, we will:

  • Identify all environmental impacts that the EDSCO Company contributes to and establish environmental management procedures that can be incorporated into all business decisions, in a cost-effective manner.
  • Regularly measure and evaluate our environmental performance, and improve where necessary.
  • Promote a culture of continual environmental improvement within the EDSCO Company.
  • Delegate the responsibility for environmental matters to the appropriate levels in the EDSCO Company.
  • Consistently increase the awareness and provide necessary training to all our employees and customers to ensure environmentally responsible concepts are integrated into their normal working practices.
  • Demonstrate control of all our operations and ensure that all are performed with due consideration of the environment.
  • Identify and militate against potential accidents that could result in an environmental impact, so that if an accident did occur the consequences would be minimized.
  • Use products that have a negligible environmental impact, where appropriate options exist.
  • Minimize the storage and use of all articles and substances, where appropriate.
  • Reduce the consumption of resources (energy, materials, packaging), where feasible.

Minimize waste through a commitment to reuse, recover or recycle, where feasible. It is our duty to ensure that good environmental management is practiced in all contracts and projects that we are involved in, and we will seek to influence customers to demonstrate a positive environmental commitment.

The EDSCO Company will communicate the Environmental Policy to all EDSCO employees, and it will be freely available to customers, shareholders, and the general public.

Health & Safety Policy Statement

The personal safety and health of each employee of this company is of primary importance. The prevention of occupationally induced injuries and illness is of such consequence that it will be given precedence over operating productivity. To the greatest degree possible, management will ensure that all mechanical and physical facilities are in compliance with the East Delta Saudi Co LTD (EDSCO) standards, EDSCO will manage their H&S by:

  • East Delta Saudi Co LTD believes in the dignity and importance of the individual employee and his right to expect that he will be provided with a safe place to work.
  • No work shall be considered efficiently completed unless the worker has followed every precaution and safety rule to protect himself and his fellow workers.
  • PPE is necessary when your employees are exposed to a hazard that you cannot eliminate or control any other way.
  • Although PPE is another way to control a hazard, it is only a barrier between the hazard and the worker. When PPE does not properly fit a worker or the worker does not use it correctly, the worker risks exposure.
  • Striving for excellence in occupational health and safety. This will be achieved by seeking to continually improve the company occupational health and safety management system, safety performance, and safety culture so that it meets the expectations of those that may be affected by what we do;
  • Preventing accidental injuries and ill health by making suitable assessments and implementing appropriate control measures so that any identified residual risk results in a level that is considered “as low as reasonably practicable” [ALARP].
  • Complying with [as an absolute minimum], all health and safety legislative and regulatory requirements applicable to our activities.
  • Setting corporate health and safety objectives annually and reviewing progress towards these, SHEQ management meetings with input from the GLT.
  • To consult with employees on matters affecting their health, safety & welfare, and to encourage active participation in maintaining and improving standards.
  • Providing and maintaining safe and healthy premises in line with legislative requirements and EDSCO & client required standards and expectations.
  • Ensuring employees are sufficiently competent to complete their tasks by providing information, instruction, training, and supervision as necessary to ensure a safe and healthy working environment is maintained.
  • Committing to improving knowledge of all mental health illness, promoting wellbeing, implementing necessary controls to ensure any new/existing conditions is never exacerbated, and ensuring any employee suffering from such illness, is given the help they require.
  • To suitably investigate accidents, near misses, and cases of work-related ill-health in order to prevent any reoccurrence, and strive to improve the occupational health and safety performance for the EDSCO business.

We are committed to developing HSE conscious community so that Health, Safety, and Environmental awareness are not confined within the worksites only.

Sustainability Policy Statement

East Delta Saudi CO LTD is committed to promoting sustainability. Concern for the environment and promoting a broader sustainability agenda are integral to EDSCO’s (East Delta Saudi CO.LTD) professional activities and the management of the organization. We aim to follow and to promote good sustainability practices, to reduce the environmental impacts of all our activities, and to help our clients to do the same.

Our Sustainability Policy is based upon the following principles:

  • To comply with, and exceed where practicable, all applicable legislation, regulations, and codes of practice.
  • To integrate sustainability considerations into all our business decisions.
  • To ensure that all staff are fully aware of our Sustainability Policy and are committed to implementing and improving it.
  • To minimize the impact on the sustainability of all office, projects  & transportation activities.
  • To make clients and suppliers aware of our Sustainability Policy, and encourage them to adopt sustainable management practices.
  • To review annual reports, and continually strive to improve our sustainability performance.

In order to put these principles into practice we will:

  • Avoid physically traveling to meetings etc where alternatives are available and practical, such as using teleconferencing, video conferencing, or webcams, and efficient timing of meetings to avoid multiple trips. These options are also often more time-efficient, while not sacrificing the benefits of regular contact with clients and partners.
  • Reduce the need for our staff to travel by supporting alternative working arrangements, including home working, etc.
  • Minimize our use of paper and other office consumables, for example by double-siding all paper used, and identifying opportunities to reduce waste.
  • As far as possible arrange for the reuse or recycling of office waste, including paper, computer supplies, and redundant equipment.
  • Reduce the energy consumption of office & Project work equipment by purchasing energy-efficient equipment and good housekeeping.
  • Purchase electricity from a supplier committed to renewable energy. Seek to maximize the proportion from renewable energy sources, whilst also supporting investment in new renewable energy schemes.
  • Ensure that timber furniture and any other timber products are recycled or from well-managed, sustainable sources and are Forest Stewardship Council certified.
  • Purchase fair-trade and/or organic beverages.
  • Undertake voluntary work with the local community and/or environmental organizations and make donations to seek to offset carbon emissions from our activities.
  • Ensure that any Subcontractors, Suppliers, or Designers that we employ take account of sustainability issues.
  • Where possible deploy “Virtualization” technology in the IT Department to ensure that the Company’s energy consumption requirements are minimized by reducing the number of physical machines required to mount IT solutions onto.
  • Strive to achieve a more paperless office. To this end, several document management systems have been developed that allow employees and customers to retrieve and transmit documents electronically e.g. PODs Invoices, etc.
  • Through our “Load Tracker” Company Building and Satellite Tracking software continually monitor all vehicle journeys and optimize Company-building to ensure that all vehicle movements and volumes are minimized thereby reducing our CO2 emissions.

Sustainable Aggregates Procurement

  • In line with the commitment to promote sustainability and minimize the environmental impact of our activities, East Delta Saudi CO LTD will endeavor to procure aggregates that have been responsibly sourced.
  • When sourcing aggregates, preference will be given to recycled or secondary aggregates, wherever permissible by contract specification.
  • Where suitable recycled or secondary aggregates are not available and, whenever reasonably practical, aggregates will be procured from sources accredited to the environmental and Sustainability Standard ISO14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001 Framework Standard for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products.
  • Where aggregates are not available from ISO14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001 accredited sources, we will require the supplier to provide evidence to demonstrate the aggregate was responsibly sourced.

EDSCO will encourage employees to display their own initiative in improving environmental sustainability in their workplace. This policy shall be reviewed every two years to ensure it remains relevant and current to EDSCO’s activities.

Quality Policy Statement

It is the policy of East Delta Saudi Co. Ltd. to provide services related to “Implementation of contracting the establishment and maintenance of building and business parks and electromechanical works and hydraulic works to extend”. East Delta Saudi Co. Ltd. is committed to complying with the requirement of the customers and to continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. It must be clearly understood that this Quality Policy, Quality Manual, and associated Procedures and systems are mandatory on all staff.

As part of our strategic direction, stated in our Vision and Mission, we are committed to;

  • Provide services that meet Customers’ full requirements.
  • Meeting all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Continually improving the effectiveness of our adopted Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.
  • Review our objectives and achievements periodically for continual performance improvement of processes.
  • Plan and evaluate our processes via consideration of the associated business Risk.
  • Ensure that this Quality Policy is communicated to all concerned Departments and understood by everyone within the organization.
  • Periodically review our Quality Policy to maintain relevance with International Standards.
  • Maintain the flexibility to integrate other related management system requirements.
  • Maintain the prestigious position as one of the Best Companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.