Our solutions and facilities, as well as our professional team of engineers and specialists who seek a continuous learning experience, have all contributed to our current position as a major player in various construction sectors. No matter the industry, EDSCO has crafted the best success stories.



EDSCO has the know-how to handle even the most complicated and cutting-edge healthcare construction projects. We are very aware of the sensitivity involved in working in inhabited in-patient and out-patient institutions.

Our team is up to date on the latest standards and protection regulations. We can adjust our timetable and phasing to meet the ever-changing census in healthcare settings. Furthermore, in this dynamic area where technology and best practices are always growing, EDSCO realizes the importance of “building for the future.”


Retail and Corporate Banking construction projects are one of the most safety-concerned and critical industries in the market.

Our team recognizes the highly cyclical nature of the industry and collaborates with clients to meet their banking needs at all stages of the cycle.

EDSCO is proud to have worked on the construction of the most renowned banks in the region such as: National Commercial Bank, Bank ALJAZIRA, Bank Saudi Fransi, Emirates National Bank, Emirates NBD and more.


EDSCO works with a variety of hospitality clients and is familiar with the subtleties that come with these projects, such as faster timetables to reduce downtime. We collaborate with professional partners with vast experience in the hospitality industry.

EDSCO handled the construction of International chain hotels such as Holiday In and Crown Plaza.


The EDSCO staff is well-versed in the complexities and peculiarities of entertainment-project development.

Most of the movie theater projects in Saudi Arabia have been allocated to us.

Multi-screen theaters are effectively multiple projects rolled into one, requiring specialized construction, unique design, and lighting, as well as stadium seating. We use our significant knowledge to build a unique and appealing entertainment facility on time and on the budget for each movie theater building project.

Vox Cinemas, Muvi Cinema, Empire Cinema, Cinepolis, Magic Planet, Sky Zone, Safori Land, Snow City, and Sparky’s were the fruit of our hard work to build an innovative high-tech stylish space for adults and kids to enjoy their leisure time.


EDSCO is well versed in managing the strict deadlines that our clients in the education sector need to meet in order to have a fully operational campus. We work closely with them to plot the best strategies for minimizing budgets while maximizing results. We have solid relationships with specialized partners who have extensive experience building similar facilities.


EDSCO collaborates with businesses to design and maintain modern offices that encourage productivity and cooperation. Our expertise lies in working in occupied spaces and organizing phased development. Restacks, renovations, fit-outs, and tenant upgrades are just a few of the projects in our portfolio.


At EDSCO, we know how important it is for retail clients to create unique locations that reinforce their brand and help them connect with their customers. We stay up to date on the latest developments in retail construction as well as new trends that will shape the retail landscape in the future.

You can rely on our team of professionals to help you bring your retail construction project to life, whether it’s a brand new 20,000 sqm retail shell or a 100 sqm tenant finish out. Over the last 11 years, we’ve completed hundreds of retail projects around Saudi Arabia.

Our construction management team has a total experience that surpasses 100 years, and we believe your company’s history demonstrates our commitment to providing the best service to our clients in this sector. Many general contractors over-promise and under-deliver in the construction sector. We take pride in our skilled team, years of experience, and excellent reputation for getting the job done right the first time.

EDSCO’s prideful portfolio includes Victoria’s Secret, TAGheuer, Huawei, Hollister, Boots Pharmacy chain, Claire’s, American Eagle, Foot Locker, Debenhams, H&M among others.


Restaurants are a staple part of our portfolio. We understand the expectations and needs in this fast-paced sector, be it a new restaurant construction from the ground up, drive-thru improvements, substantial renovations, or a decor refresh. Our team has delivered comprehensive proposals, top-notch project management, and comprehensive proposals, to become a leader in establishing quick-serve restaurants, casual dining, and full-service dining in Saudi Arabia.

EDSCO has handled the construction of famous franchised restaurants such as Shake Shack, Starbucks, The Cheesecake Factory, Pinkberry and more.