Building today for better tomorrow

Journey we are proud of

2009Our Humble Start

We started our business in Jeddah, with few numbers of professional staff members, aiming to provide exceptional quality and industry-leading client services. We were looking for a unique market share based on our professional Engineering & Construction Excellence and our competitive edge of clients’ satisfaction.

We gained a construction second category certificate from the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, with a development plan to be one of the industry’s pioneers in the KSA and MENA Region.

Our Start was challenging and promising by winning prestigious and selective quality clients in the banking, retail, and restaurant industries.

Some of our projects and achievements: NCB Bank, Al Jazira Bank, Fransi Bank, Al Shaya Group, Al Olayan Group, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.

2010Growing construction projects in the banking sector

A complement to our success story, and after a year of hard and exceptional work, we were able to establish our branches in Riyadh and Dammam cities, matching with our policy of expanding our activities to all the provinces of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We increased our staff members so that EDSCO can cope with its projects’ expansion and deliver effective and outstanding results to our clients. Our customers’ satisfaction and trust paved effectively our growth path.

2014Projects’ Diversity Kick-off

Within four years and as an applying of the company’s vision and aspirations, we established Abha branch.

We succeeded to diversify our portfolio to include the educational sector next to the polished experience that we acquired in the banking and retail sectors.

EDSCO Staff Counter: 500 workers.

2015ISO 9001 Certification

We are always seeking excellence and following international standards, therefore we obtained our first ISO Certificate (ISO 9001). Keeping our consumers’ trust, one of our core business strategies, providing more reassurance that our buildings and related structures were built to internationally agreed safety and quality standards. We had the privilege of becoming the main contractor of Al Shaya Group and landed their HQ in Riyadh.

Continued growing staff: 700 workers, divided into back-office support, designers, engineers, skilled workers, and technicians leading to a double growth in our projects.

2016Main Contractor Of Al Hokair Group

We started to exploiting effectively and efficiently the hospitality industry through building strong bonds with Al Hokair and Al Shaya Groups in which we landed most of their retail expansion plans, and this was part of our objectives when it comes to sustaining higher customer retention by being very selective in our clientele base and quality projects.

2017Entertainment Sector

Our experience and quality projects have been handed over in 2016 and staff paved the way to EDSCO in 2017 to acquire more projects in the hospitality sector and eased the way to gain construction projects in the entertainment sector as well.

EDSCO Staff Counter: 900 workers.

2018Time For Cinema

Following the trend with the General Entertainment Authority, EDSCO is honored to be an important player in building Cinema Theaters all over KSA, matched with the initiatives that stem from Saudi Arabia’s Vision for 2030, added value to EDSCO solid position in the entertainment sector.

EDSCO’s To scope of work included architectural, stadia design, supply & installation, warm shell, fit-out, and MEP.

2019More Cinemas

Following, the know-how we acquired with VOX Cinema theaters and the quality of handing over, gave us more credibility and trust among other entertainment sector players in the region, such as Al Hokair Group, as one of the leading construction companies in this sector. We succeeded to land next to VOX, MUVI, and Empire Cinemas as well, across KSA and Egypt.

2020Overcoming Covid-19 Challenges

Despite the market drawbacks and the challenges brought about by COVID-19, EDSCO reserved its market share with consistency. We focused on being resilient to any market changes that might take place. We chose to be proactive rather than being reactive. We strengthened our relationships with all our stakeholders, (EDSCO Staff, Customers, Consultants, Sub-contractors, and Vendors). Because our staff is the number one partner in our success story, we were very supportive and flexible to the financial demands. We are proudly announcing that in 2020 beyond market expectations obtained zero staff turnover. Also, for the rest of our partners, we were very resilient in the crucial lead times in several projects and adaptable to financial constraints. Moreover, we succeeded to deliver the projects in a timely efficient manner.

2021EDSCO New Face Left

EDSCO believes that the environmental standards, are the tools for translating passion into effective action. That’s why one of the most important achievements we obtained in 2020 was acquiring ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certificates, to manage our environmental responsibilities, and assure our staff safety. In order to cope with the new market standards and changes, we decided to develop our trends, and patterns aiming to be ready for any bigger challenges. So, we changed our logo, website, systems, and overall we changed our HQ location to a more classy one. And there more changes are yet to come, stay tuned for more updates and positive news as we go in 2021.

2022Systemizing Our Future Roadmap

For the past years EDSCO has successfully managed to come up with its own school of management which delivered effective and profitable outcomes to every member and partner in our business model.
Such experience has been reflected in a robust internal system through a complete Corporate Governance, Standard operations and procedures for every single department and launched our 5-years strategy which will enable us to engage within the construction market in an iconic way.

2023Exploiting New Markets

The launch of a New Wooden Factory in Jeddah region with semi-automated processes to solidify our position and deliverables in the construction ecosystem in Saudi Arabia.
Coping with the 2030 vision of the Kingdom, Healthcare sector is a major industry we have successfully acquired with Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group on several projects in the country.

Continued growing staff: more than 2000 workers, divided into back-office support, designers, engineers, skilled workers, and technicians leading to a double growth in our projects.