EDSCO does procurement, installation, power generation supply, high and low voltage power distribution networks, emergency and exit lighting, power services, lightning protection, relay protection schemes, sizing of transformers, switchgear, circuit breaker, security and surveillance, access control, MATV and building automation.

Our engineers are licensed contractors which among other things, carry out:

  • General Works
  • Power Works
  • Cabling Works
  • Lighting & Power Receptacles Works

Electrical General Works

  • Survey & Estimates
  • Field Design Work
  • Equipment Installation
  • Cable Tray Installation
  • Various Conduiting Works
  • All Types of Cabling Works
  • All Types of Cable Termination Works
  • All Types of Testing & Commissioning
  • Offshore Electrical Installation

Electrical Power Works

  • Equipment Installation
  • All Types of Transformer Field Assembly
  • All types of Bus Duct Field Assembly
  • Power Disconnect Switches and Gears
  • Power Distribution Equipment Installation & Assembly
  • UPS, Rectifiers, Inverters & All Types of Industrial Batteries
  • Electrical Equipment Control Assemblies

Electrical Cabling Works

  • Cabling, Splicing & Termination (LV, MV, HV)
  • Cable Trench Excavation & Preparation
  • Cable Laying
  • All Types of Cable Testing
  • Cable Termination & Splicing
  • Cable Trays & Duct Installation
  • Conduit Installation
  • Sand Bedding & Trench Preparation for Backfilling
  • All Types of Support Fabrication & Installation

Lighting & Power Receptacles Works

  • All Types of Lighting Fixtures Installation
  • Industrial Illumination Lighting
  • Offshore Lighting Requirement Installation
  • Various Building & Architectural Lighting
  • Special Lighting Requirement for Various Industrial Areas
  • All Types of Testing & Commissioning
  • All Types of Power Receptacles Installation
  • All Types of Industrial Receptacles Installation
  • All Types of Testing & Commissioning