We are committed

to conducting our business with honesty, integrity, high ethical and legal standards, and with common felt respect in all of our business dealings in order to uphold East Delta Saudi Company’s values. We concretely believe that controlling and organizing the rules of conduct and code of ethics in East Delta Saudi Company can be achieved by encouraging the following values:

  • Inspire our employees by empowering them with a clear and common understanding of the ethical boundaries in which we must operate.
  • Engage our diverse workforce by ensuring that we maintain a respectful and welcoming safe work environment.
  • Create a sustainable compliance and integrity framework to support innovation in products, services, processes, and solutions in a highly regulated world.
  • Deliver growth by earning the trust of our employees, customers, and business partners that we will always conduct business with uncompromising integrity.

The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics sets out the basic rules, standards, and thresholds of behavior necessary to achieve those objectives. Employees are required to familiarize themselves and act in accordance with the Code of Conduct, Compliance, and Business Ethics. The code comprises the rules of conduct to be daily followed by all employees in all of the transactions and in every work locations. The Code is binding on those employees to whom it may apply and any contravention may constitute misconduct.