East Delta Saudi Co. Ltd (EDSCO) was founded in 2008 by a group of professionals with a vision to create a best-in-class construction organization in the Middle East, with international standards.
EDSCO prides itself with a value driven culture, providing exceptional quality and a superior  service, while establishing solid relationships with esteemed construction companies in the area.

The company adopts a full-scale setup through a professional team with expertise in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC), civil, electrical, mechanical works, fabrications, renovations, repairs, maintenance, finishing, landscaping, and interior design.

Its main approach for quality is customer satisfaction which allowed EDSCO to seed sustainable relationships with loyal partners throughout the years.

Our Mission

EDSCO’s mission is to provide the most superior workmanship possible by relying on the professionalism and integrity of its staff and suppliers.

The company boasts a lean culture aiming to stay current with the latest innovations of the construction industry. This culture supports a collaborative environment where the main aim is to generate value for society, shareholders, employees, clients, and partners.

Our Vision

EDSCO’s vision is to gain a solid place in the industry by prominent growth and leadership.

The company’s competent staff and management, along with its focus on quality, resulted in successful completion of many complex projects over the years. EDSCO would like to work on strengthening those principles by continuing to deliver successful conclusions on the best projects in the area.

An ascendent curve of growth is what we strive for; through extending our geographical reach, while chasing new technologies and innovations. As a result, we will increase profitability through higher and effective customer retention. We believe that our long-term success will be achieved not only by demonstrating our expertise, but also by incentivizing our people which are the main pillars for our continuity.

Our Core Value


We commit to offer the highest quality services ensuring customer satisfaction and sustainability.


Honesty, ethics and moral correctness will always be at the forefront of our company’s corporate practices.


We foster a work environment that encourages innovative thinking to keep on cultivating new opportunities.


Trust and be trusted is our moto. We trust our staff and through them, we build trust with our clients.


Safety is an intrinsic part of our systems. we implement it to the highest standards for our clients, staff, and communities.

Our Partners

Our employees, vendors, clients, and investors are the catalysts in our healthy ecosystem. EDSCO nurtures sustainable relationships with its staff and partners which are a vital part of the company.


Our people are our main drive to success. We make sure to empower and nurture them through practices that shape their skills, attitudes, and behaviors.


Building trust with our vendors has always been key to rigid long-term relationships with them.


Our clients are the grounds we constantly work on fortifying. Their satisfaction is our main success indicator.


We strive to maintain transparent and strong bonds with our investors who drive our growth.

From concept
to creation

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    From concept
    to creation

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