• Full Design & Build
  • 3D Design & Visualization
  • Building Information Modeling

Architectural Drawings
Our team of professionals offers architectural services for every stage of the project, from conception to completion. From the schematic stage to the construction stage, we deliver detailed planning and execution mapping.

Interior Design Drawings
The most important aspect of realizing your architectural dream is having an accurate and unambiguous ID package. Therefore, we work closely with each customer to ensure that their specific demands and expectations are met.

We start by grasping the concept and seeing the possibilities of your indoor space, ensuring that every single detail is well-reflected.

Furthermore, all our interior design plans, sections, and details are developed in compliance with the International Building Code (IBC 2009).

Shop Drawings
When it comes to shop drawings, it’s crucial to give the final drawing that will trump any other precise drawings created at any other stage of the project. Our clients collaborated with us on several initiatives, and we’re proud of the results we’ve achieved.

We assure you that we will bring your place to live under the greatest standards of drawing and detailing, based on our team’s experience in delivery.

We understand how essential shop drawings are to you, which is why, regardless of your budget or project, we can give a unique and high-quality solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Our 3D rendering services can help you see your interior space appropriately. We can bring any planned structure to life, allowing you to fully step inside your creation, giving you a significant advantage, especially if you’re still in the design stages.

Our BIM and 3D rendering expertise will help you get a handle on what the finished structure will feel like, simply by putting life into space. The extra insight you gain from the interior rendering could prove pivotal, and help you make a series of decisions over the layout, tone, and feel of your inside space.

The capacity of EDSCO to produce 3D Architecture or Interior Building Information Modeling (BIM) would improve visualization, simulation, and collaboration among all construction disciplines.

Throughout our architectural and engineering drafting services, we use Revit “BIM” software which enables us to provide you with the finest possible results for your architectural projects and designs.
Increasing the building’s quality and precision, eliminating errors, and preventing collisions that would not be visible on a typical 2D AutoCAD drawing.

  • CAD to BIM conversion
  • Parametric family creation
  • Design development/ Construction documentation set with any LOD
  • Creating renderings & walk through.
  • Abstracting quantity takeoffs from models
  • Structural Revit services
  • MEP Revit services